Our Mission and Vision

The Bungie Foundation reduces distress and suffering in children through entertainment and partners with humanitarian aid organizations in times of natural disaster and crisis.

We will change the face of clinical entertainment across the globe, making it so that every hospitalized child has access to the resources needed for distraction, a sense of normalcy, and joy through the toughest moments of their lives. We do this work because we believe in the power of play to enable a child's development, bring about smiles and laughter, arm kids with the tools they need to cope with their situation, and support their emotional and mental well-being.

We also believe that when a natural disaster strikes, we have a responsibility to galvanize our community to help those who need it the most. With natural events on the rise globally, we will lead a community-wide initiative to support a natural disaster relief effort once per year, using the UN Office of Humanitarian Affairs' classification system to determine which "Level 3" event we'll aid. This classification is reserved for the most complex and challenging humanitarian emergencies, which require the highest level of mobilization to meet people's basic needs.

Our Philosophy and Values

We are fortunate. As a part of the Bungie team, we've had the opportunity to do what we love, which is great for both our team and our fans. Through this opportunity, we also have the unique obligation to help give something back.

We believe that entertainment plays a vital role in the health and well-being of our world and that technology can bring us together, connecting us to those we could not otherwise reach.

We will volunteer our time, our talent, and our team to bring joy to those who need it most.

Our Staff

Bungie has a dedicated staff of individuals who support our charitable work through the Bungie Foundation. We are united in the steadfast belief that children deserve the utmost care—including providing for their emotional well-being. We work hard so that kids can feel like kids through their illness or injury.

Senior Foundation Manager
Program Specialist
Project Coordinator
Board of Directors

The Bungie Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors, led by a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, and treasurer. Each board member utilizes their expertise and leadership to provide fiduciary management, organizational governance, and general oversight to ensure that the mission and goals of the Bungie Foundation are met.

Our Partner

The Bungie Foundation is so grateful for the support of Child's Play, our Little Lights grant partner. Their support has enabled the program to grow on a national scale, and we couldn't have done it without them by our side every step of the way.

Child's Play seeks to improve the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and other child welfare facilities through the kindness and generosity of the video game community and the power of play.

Play Games, Feel Better.