This past month has been hard for many of you and your loved ones. In what has seemed like an unrelenting wave of natural disasters from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, earthquakes in Mexico, and now Hurricane Maria ravaging the Caribbean, one thing has stood out again and again. In times of hardship, we all remember just how human we are, and that we ban together to support of our fellow neighbor.

On August 30th, we asked you to join us in raising funds to support Direct Relief’s efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. Today, we gratefully announce that you raised over $500,000 that will continue to enable Direct Relief to help Texas residents still in critical need of support. Thank you!

Today, we are announcing that we will continue to sell our commemorative Bungie Foundation pin through the Bungie Store between now and October 8th to support Direct Relief’s efforts in the areas around the US and Caribbean that have been most critically hit. We are kicking off this campaign with a $100,000 donation from the Bungie Foundation.

foundation emblem

We are again racing to produce enough pins to keep up with the incredible demand, and orders will be delayed. Each pin comes with a unique emblem code for use in Destiny 2 that is printed on the packaging. We ask for your patience as those codes make their way to you.

If you had previously purchased a pin through the Bungie Store to support Hurricane Harvey, please expect a follow-up email from us shortly with updates to your order.

And as always, we encourage you to get involved in whatever way is most meaningful to you. If a pin and emblem aren’t your cup of tea, find an organization to donate to or volunteer your time with. You can also help spread the word to those who are looking for ways to help.

Thank you for being an important part of this community, and thank you for choosing to make a difference.