Since 2013, the Bungie Foundation has been privileged to support Make-A-Wish® Alaska and Washington in funding all electronic items for their wishes. We absolutely love the creativity that wish kids have in coming up with their perfect wish. To date, we have helped support approximately 110 wishes!

These wishes have ranged from decked out sensory playrooms for kiddos with cognitive impairments, to fully customized gaming PCs for kids who want to connect with their friends or make a splash on the YouTube scene, to eye-controlled and voice-activated laptops for kids with a physical disability.

Many of these wishes contain additional items that fall outside the scope of electronics. These items must be funded by Make-A-Wish, which requires significant fundraising efforts. This is the case for wish kid, Leighton.


Leighton is a sports loving 15 year old from Eastern Washington. He used to love playing outside with friends until a rare heart condition required him to stop. He’s now wishing to have his basement converted into a game room so that he can continue to play with his friends in the digital space.

The Bungie Foundation has the electronics covered, but we need your help to fund the rest of his wish! Here’s a glimpse into what your dollars will help fund:

  • $600 – New couch
  • $500 – New carpet
  • $300 – Paint and painting supplies
  • $200 – New mini fridge for snacks
  • $100 – Media storage unit for movies and DVDs
  • $75 – Framed posters of his favorite soccer player and team, Cristiano Ronaldo and the Barcelona soccer team, or his favorite TV Show, The Walking Dead
  • $50 – Board games: Apples to Apples, Monopoly, Speak Out, and more!
  • $25 – Snacks! He loves all candy, especially Sour Patch Kids!

For those with the means, please head to his fundraising page and support at $10 or more. Every dollar counts! If you have your eye on one of the bigger ticket items, consider going in on it with your friends or Destiny clanmates. Share Leighton’s crowdfunding site on your social media to spread the word. Any funds raised above the threshold for Leighton’s wish will support another kiddo with big dreams!

The Bungie Foundation