Bungie Foundation x Team Rubicon: Clearing the Path

Earlier this summer, the Bungie Foundation partnered with Team Rubicon on a special wildfire mitigation operation, dubbed “A Day in the Park”, in Leavenworth, WA. A group of veterans and employees from Bungie trekked east through the Cascade Mountains to central Washinton for the weekend to get to work and help make a high-risk community more defensible against wildfires which affect the region every year.

Over two days, the team from Bungie worked alongside volunteers from Team Rubicon to help prepare this community of homes for the fire season. The group removed over 1,600 dump trucks worth of debris by the end of the operation. An integral part of every Team Rubicon operation is the “campfire’. It is a time to reflect at the end of each day and allow veterans and volunteers alike to share from the heart. This simple act is one of the key reasons Team Rubicon is so impactful for veterans, allowing the group to unite over the common bond of service to others while finding the sense of camaraderie and understanding that many veterans seek after their return to civilian life.

In our film, “Clearing the Path,” one veteran employee from Bungie shares his personal story about what service means to him and how working with Team Rubicon can be a lifesaver. You can view the film at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-Q1VeT36Cw

In celebration of our partnership with Team Rubicon and to recognize the service of veterans around the world, we have created a special legendary emote. Available now, Destiny 2 players can purchase the “Jumpmaster” emote in the Eververse for 1,000 Silver. All profits will be split equally between the Bungie Foundation and Team Rubicon.

Jumpmaster Emote

To accompany the “Jumpmaster” emote, beginning September 19, fans can purchase the Jumpmaster Pin from the Bungie Store: https://bungiestore.com/jumpmaster-ghost-pin. Each pin will also include the exclusive “Look Up” emblem. All profits from pin sales will benefit the Bungie Foundation and their work on humanitarian aid initiatives.

Bungie-Store-Carousel Look Up Emblem Mobile 904x600

One thing that makes us feel most grateful about the Bungie community is just how passionate so many of you are to serve and give back to others in need. If you have made it this far, you might be asking, "How can I get more involved?". Well, we are here to help!

If the thought of becoming a Grey Shirt with Team Rubicon resonates with you, it is easy to get started.

  1. Visit https://teamrubiconusa.org/volunteer/
  2. Get "Deployment Ready" by creating your Roll Call profile
  3. Complete your background check
  4. Complete TR101

Once you are cleared, you will begin to receive updates on operations where Grey Shirts are needed. Additionally, you can use the Roll Call website to search for operations, trainings, events, etc. to get involved in other ways.

Becoming a Grey Shirt with Team Rubicon is truly a rewarding experience and we hope to see you out there in the field!