Through the iPads for Kids program, we’ve had the great opportunity to partner with children's hospitals across the country. When we developed the program, we wanted to meet pediatric patients where they are at, whether they are coming in for a routine procedure and will spend a couple of hours in the hospital or whether they are struggling with a serious complication such as cancer treatment or rehab following a serious injury. We want kids to feel like they can be themselves by engaging in play like they would if they were home. But some things just aren't normal when a patient is in the hospital. It's important to us that we bring as much normalcy and joy to them as possible while they are dealing with fear, pain, boredom, uncertainty, and isolation. The robust, age-appropriate content we can provide thorugh our program enables us to provide meaningful support for pediatric patients and families.

It fills us with joy when we see kids like Mateo from Nationwide Children's Hospital, who has been able to utlize the power of play to help him recover from a serious injury, and with a big smile on his face. Mateo’s mom states, "It’s been good for Mateo because he has to manipulate his hands and the iPad has allowed him to increase his range of motion. It’s also a good distraction and keeps him busy.” Mateo said the Lego game is his favorite.

We're so happy to help Mateo along his journey to recovery!

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