Entertainment for Every Child

The Little Lights Program reduces distress and suffering in children by providing patients with fully customized, age-appropriate entertainment that allows for distraction, therapeutic play, and a sense of normalcy that is vital to creating a positive experience in an otherwise scary and stressful situation.

Our grant partnership with Child's Play, as well as our corporate partnerships with Apple and Jamf, have enabled us to provide an iPad for every appropriate patient room within a children's hospital so that a child can begin playing the moment they enter their room.

How it Works
Puts Patients First

Patients can play their favorite games, watch shows and movies, listen to music, and connect with family and friends all while they are in the hospital. The Little Lights program can also connect with existing hospital services such as Epic Bedside, GetWellNetwork, or Zott TV in order to streamline the patient experience.

Meets Security Requirements

Utilizing Jamf mobile device management technology, the Little Lights program ensures that patient information is secure while meeting all regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, by utilizing device restrictions, enforced security policies, and automatic remote wiping of all content between patients.

Simple Setup, Big Rewards.

Remotely Managed iPads

All iPads are remotely managed by our Little Lights staff. We configure appropriate content to each iPad based on the age of the patient, remotely push software updates, and lock down security features. We provide customer support for every patient and family to further customize their experience based on their unique interests and circumstances. We digitally sterilize each device after the patient discharges from the hospital or transfers to a different room.

Healthcare Compliant

We work with each hospital to determine required security policies and configure our devices to comply with them. We connect to each hospital’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, which tells our mobile device management software when to digitally sterilize the content of each device in order to remain fully HIPAA compliant.

Enhanced Patient Experience

With the Little Lights program at the center of the patient experience, kids can play age-appropriate games, read and interact with books and other learning apps, and feel a sense of normalcy by connecting with their friends and families back home during long inpatient stays. Depending on your hospital’s EMR system capabilities, additional experiences such as accessing their care plans and controlling their room environment may be available.

Top Tier Technology

To ensure that all iPads remain top of the line, we lease our iPads through Apple and refresh them in each partner hospital every two years. Gone are the days of trying to use outdated technology or maintaining an ever-growing pile of broken equipment. We take care of all the logistics for you.

We're Here to Help

Whether you're a hospital looking to provide the Little Lights program to your patients or a parent looking to support your child, we're here to help in any way we can.

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